woensdag 22 januari 2014

Companies in Amsterdam

Welcome to http://bedrijveninamsterdam.blogspot.nl/ On this bedrijven in Amsterdam / companies in Amsterdam page, you will find a listing of local Amsterdam companie. We have listed, on this Amsterdam Bedrijven / comapnies page, not all possible bedrijven / companies in Amsterdam, as that would be close to imposssoble. Not all bedrijven / companies are listed, but nevertheless a great deal of bedrijven / companies in Amsterdam, that have been selected on the basis of some specific criteria. As your webmaster of this bedrijven / companies in Amsterdam page, we are interested in keeping our listing as updated as possible and as such we are always interested in adding new companies. 


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Our http://bedrijveninamsterdam.blogspot.nl page was set up by a group of Amsterdam based friends . We all missed out a convenient and up to date page where people from Amsterdam and also from other cities, are just one click away from your favorite Amsterdam bedrijven / companies links. We as founders of the http://bedrijveninamsterdam.blogspot.nl page, sat around a table and agreed on the following principles:
http://bedrijveninamsterdam.blogspot.nl should be open to all Amsterdam based companies and everyone should be able to join in this effort. http://bedrijveninamsterdam.blogspot.nl consists of one informative main page, devided into sub categories. We only accept quality links on our http://bedrijveninamsterdam.blogspot.nl page that have a added value. http://bedrijveninamsterdam.blogspot.nl is and must remain independent.
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